So hi there, I’m Rich McGrew. So guess what, my website was gone for awhile but now it’s back. Now it is a new baby website that is just starting out in this world since although I have the old site backed up in multiple locations, I would like to make a number of edits to it before re-uploading it, if I go that route. It will take awhile for this website to regain its, you know, whatever. Who cares? Literally nobody. Not even me. My dog would care if my dog knew what a website was but dogs cannot understand such concepts. YET.

The point is, I posted this website, yes, me, Rich McGrew, but, there is not anything of any interest here whatsoever at the current time. I will remedy that situation later when I get around to it. Unless some tragedy were to befall me prior to me being able to eventually get around to that. But let’s not think about such unpleasant things.

Anyway here are some links to help you get outta here to an actual useful website:


Wow TWO links, talk about a really good website! Also it has ONE entire HTML page, wow, that is a lot. And ZERO images or JavaScript. There IS a TINY bit of CSS code and stuff to make it play friendly with mobile devices like iWhatzits and Androthingamajigs as well as working fine on ordinary standard computers of the keyboard-and-mouse variety.

Seriously I have really outdone myself here with this website, it is clearly the greatest website ever made by anyone ever and no that is not sarcasm, I just have a huge ego. Kidding! I actually have incredibly low self-esteem. Also a joke! Or is it? You decide! Actually you don’t get to decide, that was another joke. Not a funny one. Pretty lousy in fact.

Wow this website really does suck. Click on one of those links up there and get outta here, you don’t want to waste any more time here.